On the internet, imitation is flattery

Turning internet food pictures into your own food is the most glorious intersection of “I want that” + “I actually can have that if I drive to the grocery store and cook a bit”, unlike other internet browsing (Mmm…Tesela Model S…). Near immediate gratification is possible, if you have racked up enough kitchen dongles.

I was browsing Buzzfeed’s 31 Amazing Things to Cook in August and had insta-crave for the Tomato Lollipops.

So I had a dinner party.

Here are my imitations of other people’s fabulous recipes! Photographs by guest photographer Julie Miller-Hendry.

Tomato Lollipops:

Recipe on White on Rice Couple’s blog here.

  • Cuteness: 4/5
  • Tastiness: 4/5
  • Replicate-ability: 5/5

Verdict: So easy, so good, so many style points.

BBQ Sticky Asian Pork Ribs:

Recipe on Heather Cristo here.

  • Cuteness: 5/5. Is there anything cuter then watching the faces of a gaggle of men eating ribs? No.
  • Tastiness: 5/5
  • Replicate-ability: 4/5. I used an oven 2.5 hrs at 300 F, then finished on the grill.

Verdict: Yes, you can make these in an oven. I don’t think they were as pretty as Heather’s but they still tasted great.

Whole Peach Pies:

Recipe on Yummy Mummy Kitchen here.

  • Cuteness: 5/5
  • Tastiness: 3/5
  • Replicate-ability: 2/5

Verdict: Yummy Mummy has some dark magic that I don’t have…


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