If I sew it, Spring will come?

Skirt time! I really, really wanted it to be spring this January. So I made this floral skirt in the hopes of coaxing the weather into submission. Weather, however, does not work like  that. But, hey, I got a skirt out of it, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. 


Charlotte pattern from By Hand London: $18.50 (12 pound – Brits!)

Cotton fabric from Etsy: $31


Time:  Maybe 5 hours? One of those hours was for printing and cutting the pattern. It was a quick sew.

TVM: The wage for a seamstress according to the Internet is about $14/hr. So let’s call it $70.

Grand total: $120.36

So, worth it? The Internet is littered with pencil skirts at all sorts of price points. It’s really all about the fabric, (which is most of the cost), the fit, and the details (which adds to the time). I’m not crazy about the specific pencil skirt I made, because the fit isn’t awesome and the fabric is not great for apparel, but I see potential in skirt making.

Next time, I’ll get a better fit, better fabric and upgrade some details to get a higher quality item for only a marginally higher cost.


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