Put a bird on it: Portland Trousseau

I’m getting married this summer. After, we are going to Portland for our honeymoon. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a Portland Trousseau? I will have to put a bird on it. What goes in a trousseau, anyway?

My in-progress trousseau (apparently brought to you almost exclusively by Grainline – I’m on a kick, what can I say?):

Cute shorts for romping:

Cute pants for romping if it’s a little chilly:

A cute top or two to go with the shorts:

  • A structured white woven Scout tee:


An action shot of updating the pattern and my second favorite use of the iPad: reading PDF pattern instructions. In case you were wondering, you CAN place tracing paper over the glowing PDF of a pattern and copy it on the paper. Grainline’s patterns are really really nice, guys. The PDF is actually beautiful; I would consider wearing IT if the paper had enough drape.


And here she is! The finished Archer’s Mutant Daughter. I love this silk print from Hart’s Fabric. I also love buying a half yard less fabric than the pattern calls for because it save dollars and still works out for smaller sizes.


Lovely underthings:

A pretty day dress:

  • There are just so many patterns I want to try for this… I don’t even know where to start listing them. This will be it’s own post soon.

An impressive dress for an impressive dinner:

Last but not least: Something to put it all in?

Just when I was thinking this was a good idea, I learned that some brands of hope chests used for this purpose had to be recalled for suffocating children. You had to know that.


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