If at first it is too small, make it bigger.

I have been pinning silk crepe camisoles with gusto lately. It isn’t actually spring here yet, but something about a floaty pastel confection holds a very tempting promise of spring. Besides, I can wear them under a sweater until the weather catches up with my aspirations for it.

So I made up a pattern! My first made up pattern. I made it up while I was falling asleep, because that is a totally normal thing to obsess about as you fall asleep. I didn’t have it all figured out when I fell asleep, but I woke up with everything very clear, so yes, I’m claiming a Kubla Khan moment. Like ya do.

Here’s what I ended up making: ruffly camis! I made them both out of cheap poly crepe to practice, working my way towards some silk crepe that is too expensive to cut into until I know my pattern is on fleek.


They look pretty cute, huh? What you can’t tell in this picture is that they are just silly small on me. They both have a bit of stretch, so I can get them on, but this is supposed to be a flowing and loose, not Vegas lady of the night tight. The spotted one was first, and it was very small, so I made the coral one bigger, but not big enough. So now I know – for the actual silk version, I will turn it up to 11.

I had a fun time figuring out how to make the straps and weave them. Which is a look pretty much shamelessly stolen from my favorite athetics gear store that rhymes with fufufemon. The camis are fully lined, so the straps are basically sucked up inside them in little strap sandwiches.


I wasn’t quite sure how to make them all the right length, so I used gravity and tape to help me out. But I must say the biggest help of all was the bit of stretch which meant I didn’t have to get it perfect – just close enough.

unnamed-4 unnamed-3

Each one got a little better as I figured things out, so I’m excited to move upwards and onwards to my silk version!



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